Waste to Energy System

The thought of capturing heat from waste and generating energy can be daunting. IGS takes all the complication out of this process by packaging together equipment that works seamlessly together to deliver energy wherever it needs to go.

All businesses require energy which may be required in different forms such as electricity, hot water or chilled water for processing. Utilising an IGS solution, we can provide a mixture of all three energy types or a bias towards one particular type.          

Process: The working fluid in the ORC is pumped to an evaporator where it absorbs heat from the Clean Burn System which has generated the heat from the RDF combustion.

This heat then changes the working fluid into a high pressure gas vapor. This gas is then expanded through a small turbine coupled to a high speed (no gearbox) electrical generator in the Integrated Power Module to produce electrical power. The gas is then turned back into a liquid as it passes through the condenser and the cycle then repeats itself.

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Clean. Renewable. Efficient.

IGS will work with your business to understand the waste profile you have and how we can maximize efficiency. Turning your waste into energy.

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