Energy to Grid

With a dedicated team of engineers at their disposal, IGS can maintain and monitor connections ensuring system efficiency. IGS looks at when its cost effective to use your electricity to run your own facility or connect to the mains grid and take advantage of high paying tariffs putting revenue straight back into your bank account.

Process: With the garbage now processed and turned into RDF and the calorific value extracted from the RDF using the vortex burner, it can be transformed into electricity and thermal energy. Generated electricity can be utilised for onsite to supplement the parasitic load or exported to the grid generating a revenue stream.

IGS can facilitate these connections and including metering connections and monitoring of the systems so you can see how much energy your waste has created and see in real time the value of that energy is towards your business.

Instead of paying for someone to take your waste away, work with IGS to turn your waste into a revenue stream.

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Clean. Renewable. Efficient.

IGS will work with your business to understand the waste profile you have and how we can maximize efficiency. Turning your waste into energy.

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