Waste Processing System

Disposing of waste isn’t easy. IGS can make the whole process cleaner, safer and more efficient.

We can process as little as 500kg to as much as 180 tons per day utilising the IGS range of systems. 


    A fully automated cycle can process as little as 35kg and as much as 1500Kg in a 30-minute cycle reducing the waste volumes by as much as 80% and the weight by up to 50%.

    The moisture content of the waste is extracted as part of the process and is returned safely back to the environment.



    Waste is pasteurised and harmful bacteria and viruses are neutralised.



    How does it work?


    The process is simple, and the machines are effortless to operate. Raw garbage, either loose or in bags, is placed in the drum either by hand or automatically on the larger systems. Friction is then used to generate heat which allows the moisture to evaporate as steam, in turn, sterilising and drying the garbage, killing any harmful bacteria and viruses. The whole process takes 25-40 mins.

    Waste Processor Benefits

    Reduces waste volume by up to 80%
    Reduces weight by up to 50%
    Kills harmful bacteria and viruses
    Fully automated and easy to use
    Safe storage by vacuum packing
    RDF= Waste to Energy

    Wastes that can be processed

    Glass and Metal
    Paper and Cardboad
    Hard Plastic
    Plastic Bags

    Food Waste

    Other Services

    Clean Burn

    Waste to Energy

    Energy to Grid


    Seamless Waste Movement





    Shopping Malls


    Clean. Renewable. Efficient.

    IGS will work with your business to understand the waste profile you have and how we can maximize efficiency. Turning your waste into energy.

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