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Did you know that worldwide, each year, 2.12 billion tonnes of waste gets dumped into landfills? We offer solutions that help businesses reduce their waste, create clean energy, and improve the planet.

IGS offer innovative and ecological solutions to businesses

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Bespoke solutions to reduce waste, generate energy, and improve efficiency

IGS offer end-to-end solutions that help businesses turn waste into a productive asset. Our solutions can turn garbage into electricity, sell excess energy to the grid, provide heating or cooling, and create new opportunities inside your production line. Alongside offering a financial benefit to your organisation, IGS solutions also help save the planet and care for the environment.

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Impressive Savings Possible with IGS

Our flagship product, the IGS container, is able to convert raw garbage into sterile RDF, resulting in up to 80% waste volume reduction, and 50% waste weight reduction. The resulting RDF can then be used to generate heat, electricity, and hot water.

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Cost cutting and increasing revenue are key components to a successful and profitable business. Reducing wastage and turning that into a revenue stream sits comfortably in any accountants P&L. By turning your garbage into energy IGS reduces your waste footprint reducing your businesses energy consumption, reducing cost whilst diverting 95% of your waste away from landfill. It’s a win for your business and a win for the environment.





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